To Everyone, the Patrons, the Staff All of the Drag, & Dancers and the DJ’s of the Midnight Shift Hotel that have been part of its 37 year old proud to be Gay History, I Thank You.

Now with the Midnight Shift closed I want to Thank everyone who supported The Midnight Shift from
the original owners who started the Midnight Shift, as a mans disco in 1980.

David Rose and Nick Larschy.

Then under Tim Berry it found itself for the times.

To all the staff who worked in the Midnight Shift over the last 37 years and to the Staff who worked now and
through to the end of an era. I want to Thank all the Drag Entertainers who have worked in the Shift and who for me
were the Life and the Spirit of the Midnight Shift. To the DJ’s, Lighting Techs and Promoters of our Fabulous Events,
who used the venue to Ruby, who’s parties were some of the best thank you. To Hellfire and their patrons,
its like you were always there and belonged there.

My heart is broken and sad for the loss.

For those who supported the venue thank you and who grew up there take care, always be yourself be proud.

Many hearts are broken to one of the customers at the bar crying last night and who had been going to Shift for
15 years and had now moved to Melbourne and came for the closing so sweet.

The Midnight Shift has always been about the Gay community diversity and acceptance.

To Penny Clifford who is / was the best Promotion Manager that I worked with over the years.
Not just a showgirl but a very creative and experienced person and by being there kept the venue open longer.
Its sad that she was not there years ago. Not only that she became the Operations Manager too, and good at it,
who would have thought. Penny Love’s and cares for the community and bought that with her too the Shift.
She has always been and is herself and was brave enough to be so when very few people were and
particularly in the late seventies. I love and respect her for who she is. True too her heart and self.
To Liam who was not only a showgirl but worked well in the office with Penny.
There’s a lot of people who I will miss out but I thank you all for over the years and apologise in advance.

To all the staff working till the end the best staff thank you.

To Dillon Shaw and now his partner Lew thank you for the caring and running of the club.

Karuna Singh who ended up running the street bar, Thank you.

To Dear Zane Collins who has been there the longest as the Tech / Lighting & Production Manager,
and DJ , we have seen a lot together, Thank you.

To all of the drag performers over the years, I Love and care for you, being who you are and
your creative spirit and being strong in who you are.

So many to thank only a few here, but I do mean everyone.

To all of the Drag Entertainers and Dancers who always showed more than Love and car.

Charisma Belle

Carmen Geddit

Chelsea Bun







Karen Kardashian



Liam Parry / Annie Mation

Ashley Andre Penin (Photographer)

Minnie Cooper

Vanity Faire

Hannah Conda

Troy Murphy for Hey Hey Its Wednesday

James Breko Brechney

Joel Tacon

Fran Gipanni

Polly Petrie, a Gay Treasure.

Gaynor Tension


Shauna Jensen

Mary Kiani

From the beginning for me The Controversy Cast including

Decoda Secret, Will Sabin, Natasha Knowles.

In the earlier years, Dear Maxi Shields, Minnie Cooper, Tora Hymen,
Summer Salt, Millie Poppins & Ripley Waters.

I want to also thank Chelsea Bun from the House of Priscilla for their costumes and whose
Sunday shows were so popular and for their support to the venue in what was the
last production shows for the Midnight Shift.

Chelsea thank you for the compilation clip for the shows you sent me, I have spent a lot of my
life trying to be a strong man & I am not ashamed to say I cried when I received that
and realised why I love our Community.

To the last Cash 4 Queens Contestants and the four winners Sunday night I cried too
watching your last shows they touched me.

I also love the creative clip Ashley Andre Penin that featured all of you, thank you.

Thats why you all ended up with prizes you couldn’t leave without a prize.

To all the Drag I never knew bless you for the early years and paving the way.

To the Sydney Convicts who the Midnight Shift was always a proud supporter from the beginning
and proud as to what all the players and members achieved for the community in sport.

To Carole, Tyrone and staff as Kymera security who came to the venue and provided a safe place for everyone.
Security are taken for granted but are so essential.

What else to say vote Marriage Equality so that our Dillon and Lew can be one of the first to marry.


Mark Mader

Director/ Licensee

Midnight Shift.



Shift Entertainment t/ as Midnight Shift and its Owner and the Director’s are working
with and will be working with the Gay Archives based in Melbourne to preserve the
history of the Midnight Shift that is there.


When I use the words Love and Care and Thank You its all I have to describe the feeling’s.

They are words that help to say this but they feel not enough.